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Artwork by Fee Jackson

As well as teaching history using art, Fee has worked as a professional artist for over 20 years.

Fee has created artwork for book illustrations, stage and TV sets, music festivals and commissions for pet portraits and street murals, as well as painting on horse drawn vehicles, and doing community art

....and she's still doing it!  ( and writing in the 'third person too!')


A bit about Fee!

I have ALWAYS made art in various ways - much to the horror of my English teacher, who told me that I'd never get anywhere by drawing horses ( in my English book margins at that point!)

My school careers officer at that time also told me, I wasn't 'Academic Enough' to go to Art Collage - I decided to prove them both wrong, by not only going to Art Collage, but also making a pretty decent living out of drawing horses - and lots of other things!!   

I went on to study Film and TV Design, working as an animator and Illustrator for too many years to count, and LOVING every minute of it!  

While at Staffordshire Uni, I accidentally discovered an interest in Art History.

During a particularly dull lecture on Art History, I was indulging in a sort of snooze - but woke up when I heard my lecturer mention that Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo actually had a punch up over who would get the Sistine Chapel ceiling paint job!! 

( Michelangelo won the contract, if not the fight! ) ...And there it was - suddenly Art History was INTERESTING! 

Art History became interesting because for the first time I actually 'Saw' the artists as real people, with lives and stories - I realised Art and History are all tangled up together in a glorious multicoloured mess !   I also realised that by looking at the Art through the use of historical paint and stories of the real artists, and historical art tools, history was more accessible and exciting - I was so excited by this idea, that Arteology came into being.

Now I still draw and paint, and take on commissions for all sorts of things, but I absolutely LOVE that I can teach art and history mixed up together to people of all ages and abilities at Park in the Past  - I get to time travel with paint, and take people on a Magical History tour.

Winter Mural on Lorna's House Shop
Nine Men of Madely
Pompeii Still Life - Temperer on wood
Lornas House Shop, Autumn Mural
Fairy Forest photo backdrop
Spanish Dancer - Jolis Cafe
Leaping Moon Hare - Lino Print
Lino Print - Glastonbury Tor

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